Jeremiah 03: God’s Mercy on Judah’s Whoredom

1. In 3:1-3, God again compares the nation to a:
A. harlot        
B. fox        
C. prince

2. As punishment for their sins, what did God withhold? (3:3)

3. Who is the “treacherous sister” mentioned in 3:7?

4. What nation is referred to as “backsliding” in 3:11?

5. What is one of God’s primary attributes?  (3:12)

6. Who is said to be “married” to this backslidden nation? (3:14)

7. To what place will God return His people? (3:14)

8. What did God promise to provide for them?  (3:15)

9. What city will be called “the throne of the Lord”?  (3:17)

10. What does God desire to be called? (3:19 & Matt. 6:9)

11. In 3:20, God uses the analogy of:
A. a river  
B. a roaring river  
C. marital infidelity

12. What does God promise to heal?  (3:22)

13. What has this nation not obeyed?  (3:13 & 25)

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.