Jeremiah 01: Jeremiah’s Calling and God’s Promises

1. Jeremiah was the son of a:  (1:1)
A. potter    
B. priest  
C. king  

2. Jeremiah’s family lived in the territory allotted to which tribe:  (1:1)
A. Benjamin    
B. Gad      
C. Asher        

3. Name Jeremiah’s father.  (1:1)

4. Who was the king of Judah during this period?  (1:3 & 3:6)

5. Was Jeremiah reluctant or ready to prophesy?  (1:6)

6. What was Jeremiah commanded to speak?  (1:6)

7. Who touched Jeremiah’s mouth?  (1:9)

8. What type of tree is mentioned in verse 1:11?
A. walnut  
B. cedar    
C. almond

9. What type of vessel does Jeremiah see in 1:13?
A. a pan    
B. a pot    
C. a dish

10. What had the inhabitants of Judah offered to false gods?  (1:16)

11.  What does the Lord indicate should not dismay Jeremiah?  (1:8 & 17)

12. What did God promise to do for Jeremiah?  (1:8 & 19)

Maxim of the Moment

Rare is the one you can long hold dear.