Hebrews 9: Redemption, Propitiation and Atonement

1. What’s the key word in 9:15-22?

2. According to Exodus 25:8 & 22, what was God’s purpose in giving Israel the tabernacle?

3. Of what materials was the ark made?  (Exodus. 25:10)

4. What three items were kept inside the ark? (9:4)

5. What was the ark overlaid with?  (Exodus 25:11)

6. What was the top or “lid” of the ark called in 9:5?

7. What was indicated to mankind by the fact that no priest was allowed to enter into the Holy of Holies without a blood offering? (9:8)

8. What “overshadowed” the top of the ark? (9:5)

9. What could all of the Old Testament sacrifices not do? (9:9)

10. What adjective does Peter use to describe the blood of Jesus in I Peter 1:19?

11. What has Christ’s sacrifice obtained for us?  (9:12)

12. What did Jesus not have? What was He “without?”  (9:14)

13. Since a will (testament) can only be active after the testator dies, what was necessary for the benefits of the new covenant to become effective?  (9:16-17)

14. What is necessary for the remission of sins?  (9:22)

15. Explain completely why Christ’s sacrifice will never need to be repeated.  (9:25-26)

Maxim of the Moment

Rare is the one you can long hold dear.