Hebrews 8: Christ, Our Enthroned Priest and Mediating Priest

1. What two things are contrasted in 8:1-13?

Define the following terms:

2. Treaty
3. Agreement

4. Covenant  

5. Testament

6. What does the writer say is the “sum” or the conclusion of what he has written? (8:1)

7. According to Acts 2:34, what is Jesus’ current position? Is He in any danger of losing his position?

8. What did Stephen say about Jesus in Acts 7:56?

9. What was one of the primary duties of a high priest?  (8:3)

10. According to Ephesians 5:2, what did Jesus have to offer?

11. According to 8:5, what was only an “example and shadow?”

12. According to 8:6, what two “better” things do we now enjoy due to the high-priestly ministry of Jesus?

13. According to Exodus 19:6, what did Jehovah want Israel to become?

14. What words are used to describe Christ’s church in I Peter 2:9?

15. What three-letter word is used in 8:8 & 8:13 to describe our present covenant?

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