Hebrews 7: Christ’s Unique, Effectual and Permanent Priesthood

1. According to 7:1, what did Melchizedek do for Abraham?

2. Look up “Salem” (7:1) and define this place. Where was it?

3. According to Malachi 3:10, what are believers to do consistently?

4. Who gave this portion (what you answered in # 3) to Melchizedek in Hebrews 7:1?

5. Summarize the events in Genesis 14:18-20. What happened there?

6. What was foretold in Psalm 45:6 concerning God’s throne?

7. Was the Levitical priesthood established when Melchizedek met Abraham? (7:9-10) Why is this fact important to the writer’s argument here?

8. What two words does the writer use to describe the Levitical priesthood in 7:18?

9. According to 7:11-14, what did the Levitical priesthood fail to accomplish?

10. Aaronic priests died and other priests replaced them. What is true of God’s High Priest – Jesus Christ – that is not true of them?  (7:23-24)

11. What powerful word describes Jesus’ high-priestly ministry in 7:24?

12. Unlike Levitical priests, what tribe was Jesus from? (7:14)

13. According to I John 2:1 and Hebrews 7:25, why is it important to have Jesus as our representative in heaven?

14. What words does the writer use to describe Jesus in 7:26?

15. According to 7:28, why is there no need whatsoever for a human, earthly priesthood today?

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