Hebrews 5: God’s Compassionate High Priest

1. Because Old Testament priests also had sinful natures, what were they required to do before offering sacrifices for others? (7:27)

2. What happened to Jesus in the garden (Mark 14:35) that the writer seems to refer to in 5:7?

3. What is Jesus the Author of? (5:9)

4. According to 1:3, 10:12 & 12:2, where is Jesus now?

5. Following this acrostic (WEAR), find a Warning, an Exhortation, an Assurance, and a Rebuke in 5:11-14. List them.


6. According to John 8:54, who gave honor to Jesus?

7. What does Ephesians 4:15 tell us about growth?

8. According to I Peter 2:2, what must we do in order for spiritual growth to take place in our lives?

9. According to the very last verse in II Peter, what should we desire to grow in?

10. Why didn’t the writer explain certain deeper spiritual truths to his readers? (5; 11)

11. What does “milk” seem to represent in 5:13?

12. According to 5:14, what type of “food” is often neglected?

13. What is often the reason why Christians cannot accept the entire Word of God?  (I Corinthians 3:1-3)


Maxim of the Moment

Divorces are often caused by two people madly in love with themselves.