Hebrews 2: Christ Greater Than Angels, Saints, Satan and Temptations

1. What powerful question does the writer ask in 2:3?

2. According to John 3:18, what can “neglect” lead to?

3. List some reasons why you consider salvation to be so great.

4. What Old Testament verse(s) does the writer quote in 2:6?

5. What is the “acceptable” time to get saved? (II Corinthians 6:2)

6. What has the Father put in subjection under Christ’s feet? (2:8)

7. How is Christ’s death related to His glory and honor? (2:9)

8. What was Jesus willing to do in order to provide redemption for sinful mankind? (2:9)

9. What title is given to Christ in 2:10?

10. What did Jesus have to experience in order to be our Redeemer? (2:10)

11. According to 2:14-18, why do you think it was imperative for Jesus to become a human being in order to sacrifice Himself for us?

12. Through His death, what did Jesus destroy? (2:14)

13. According to Acts 26:18, what takes place when a person is truly born again?

14. What do you no longer need to fear?  (2:15)

15. What two qualities of a high priest do we find in the risen Christ? (2:17)

16. Give a complete definition of the old English word “succor” as used in 2:18.


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