Hebrews 1: Christ Superior to Prophets and Angels

1. Who now brings the full revelation of truth? (1:2)

2. Why is He in a position to give the ultimate revelation?
    What is He appointed to be?  (1:2)

3. What now exists beccause of Jesus?  (v. 2)

4. The opening word of Hebrews is also its great subject: Who is it?

5. What was insufficient to cover the sins of mankind?  (9:12-14)

6. What does Jesus have that is more excellent than angels?  (1:4)

7. What else does Jesus have that is more excellent? (8:6)

8. What does Paul say about the name of Jesus in Philippians 2:9?

9. What fully demonstrated that Jesus was the powerful Son of God?  (Romans 1:4)

10. What did God say when Jesus was brought into our world as a man?  (1:6)

11. Angels are called “spirits” and what else in 1:7?

12. According to 1:10, how great was the creative power of Jesus?

13. What is true of Christ that is not true of angels? (1:14)

14. According to John 1:17, what came through Jesus Christ?

15. Where can no angel ever sit?  (1:13)

16. What is the primary work of angels? (1:14)

17. How is the truth of the Gospel demonstrated today? (Romans 1:16)
      What does the power of God result in?

18. Study Chapter 1:4-14. List several ways in which Christ is superior to angels.

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