Hebrews 13: Final Admonitions, Benediction and Postscript

1.  What must we allow to continue in our lives?  (13:1)

2. What is another way to demonstrate God’s love?  (13:2)

3. Who is especially entitled to our respect?  (13:7 and 17)

4. What is honorable? (13:4)

5. Who is not honorable? (13:4)

6. Why should we be content?  (13:5)

7. Who never changes? (13:8)

8. What title is given to Christ in 13:20?

9. Animal sacrifices were demanded to demonstrate obedience. What type of “sacrifices” are we to offer to our wonderful Lord Jesus today?  (13:15)

Maxim of the Moment

A bad husband cannot be a good man.