Hebrews 12: Running God’s Race and Spiritual Fitness

1. If we are to make progress on the “racetrack” of life, what two hindrances must first be removed? (12:1) 
2. What quality do we stand in real need of?  (Romans 2:7 & Hebrews 12:1)

3. How should we view ourselves?  (Romans 12:3)

4. What effect should correction have upon us?  (12:11)

5. What should be the effect of suffering for Jesus sake? (I Peter 5:10)

6. What negative things did Jesus say would come with blessings? (Mark. 10:30)

7. When confronted with hard trials, what should you do? (12:12)

8. As a child of God, what must you and I endure? (12:7)

9. If you refuse God’s corrections, what are you, spiritually speaking? (12:8)

10. Why does God chasten and correct us? (12:10)

11. In order to escape His judgment, what must I not do? (12:25)

Maxim of the Moment

Marry for money and you’ll starve for love.