Hebrews 10: Christ’s Perfect Sacrifice

1. What was demonstrated by the constant repetition of sacrifices? (10:1)

2. To what degree did these animal sacrifices atone for sins?  (10:4)

3. Did God get any satisfaction from these sacrifices?  (10:5-6) Why not?

4. According to Romans 12:1, what does God want and why?

5. According to I Samuel 15:22, “to __________is better than_____________”

6. According to 10:17, what will God “forget?”  When will He forget?

7. According to Psalm 103:12, where are your sins now?

8. According to Mark 11:25, what must we do before we come to God in prayer?

9. According to 10:4, what can the blood of goats and bulls not do?

10. What did Jesus come into this world to do?  (10:7-9) Are you doing this?

11. What position or posture did the priest take when performing the ritual sacrifices?  (10:11)

12. What position or posture did Jesus take after His sacrifice? (10:12)

13. According to 10:16, where does God want His Word written?

14. What was the significance of the torn veil in the temple when Christ died on the cross?  (Compare 10:20 with Luke 23:45)

15. What does the writer say about our hearts in 10:22?

16. What are we to “provoke” other Christians to do? (10:24)

17. What should be a strong motivation for Christians to worship together?  (10:25) 

18. What awesome prospect should be feared?  (10:31)

19. What truth should strengthen persecuted believers? (10:37)

20. According to 10:35, what should we never “cast away?”

21. According to 10:36, what are we in need of?

22. Completely define the term “faith.”  (10:38)

23. According to 10:39, what will faith in Jesus result in?


Maxim of the Moment

A bad husband cannot be a good man.