Ephesians 6:  The Whole Armor of God

1. According to 6:1, what are children required to do?

2. What is the first commandment with a promise attached to it?
    (Read Exodus 20:12 and Ephesians 6:2-3)  Explain this promise.

3. What are fathers not to do?  (6:4)

4. What must fathers do?  (6:4)

5. Servants (employees) are required to do what?  (6:5)

6. What would Paul say about someone who only works
      really hard……when the boss is looking?  (6:6-7)

7. How can you maintain a positive attitude when working for a really hard boss?  (6:7-8)

8. According to 6:9, under what obligations does God put employers?

9. Servants (employees) have a master (employer) but the boss must answer to whom?  (6:9)

10. What does Paul desire that the Ephesians become?  (6:10)

11. List all six pieces of the Christian’s “armor.”

12. Why is only one, out of all these pieces of armor, a defensive weapon?

13.  Explain fully how earthly warfare differs from spiritual warfare.    (6:12)

14.  What word is used three times in 6:13-14?

15.  List those six pieces of armor again….and also list their spiritual “ counterparts.” 
            (Example: the loincloth represents truth, etc.)

16. A shield is used to stop what?  (6:16)

17. Read Hebrews 4:12 and Ephesians 6:17.
    Explain why the Word of God is often seen as a “sword.”

18. How often should you pray?  (6:18)

19. Paul uses strong language here concerning prayer.
      What should prayer always be?  (6:18)

20. What is Paul’s earnest prayer request in 6:19-20?

21 What does this suggest to you about Paul’s ministry?  Explain.

22. Name the believer who acted as Paul’s postman to deliver this
      letter to the Ephesian church family.  (6:21-22)

23. According to 6:23, what was Paul’s desire concerning the saints at Ephesus?

24. As Paul closes his letter, what does he desire for all those
      who love the Lord Jesus Christ?



If you have ” Walked-thru ’ all six chapters of Ephesians,
    you have completed 150 questions.

We trust your efforts will be richly rewarded.

Your comments will be appreciated.

                                    – Dr. John & Doris Knoles



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