Ephesians 5:  The Loving Care of Family Members

1. Now that God is our Father, how should we follow Him?  (5:1)

2. Because Jesus loves us, how are we to walk?  (5:2)

3. What sins are not to be found among the saints of God?  (5:3-4)

4. According to the last part of 5:4, what are we to give?

5. Without Christ, what hope does the sinner have of getting to heaven? (5:5)

6. God’s wrath comes upon whom?  (5:6)

7. According to 5:8, what were we before and what are we now?

8. Because of this, what will the Holy Spirit produce in us?  (5:9)

9. In 5:9 and 5:11, with what is the fruit of the Spirit contrasted?

10. According to 5:13, what will light always do?

11. Define “ circumspectly ” (KJV)  (5:15)

12. Why is it a sin for Christians to waste their time?  (5:16)

13. Read 5:2, 8 and 15. In what three ways are we to now walk?

14. According to 5:14, what will Jesus give me and why?

15. Describe what your Christian life should be full of.  (5:19)

16. According to 5:20, what should we continually give?

17. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from 5:1-20?

18. Who is everyone to submit to?  (5:21-22)  What about wives?

19. What does the phrase “as unto the Lord” suggest to you?  (5:22)

20. Does a Christian husband have freedom from responsibility?  (5:23)

21. Wives need only to submit in “important matters.” True or False.  Why? 

22. According to 5:25, husbands are obligated to do what?

23. How does the Word of God have a “cleansing” effect?  (5:26)

24. According to 5:27, Christ’s church is to be holy and also what?  (5:27)

25. A Christian husband should love who as he loves himself?  (5:28-29)

26. Do you believe that Jesus loves you more than you love yourself?  (5:29-30)

27. The husband/wife relationship is symbolic of what relationship?  (5:31-32)

28. What is Paul’s final command concerning husbands and wives?  (5:33)

Maxim of the Moment

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