Ephesians 4: Unity and the Wise Use of Spiritual Gifts

1. From 4:1-3, list several attributes of our Christian walk.

2. From 4:4-6, name the things that there are only “one” of.

3. According to 4:6, what is God not aware of?

4. According to 4:7, each and every saint has received what?

5. Read 4:8-10. What is the significance of Christ’s incarnation?

6. Name some specific offices God appoints Christians to fill.

7. According to 4:12-13, what is the ultimate purpose of this work?

8. If we fail to mature in Christ, we remain what?  (4:14)

9. What does Paul warn Christians to beware of in 4:14? 
10.  According to Ephesians 4:15, how are we to teach the Gospel? 
11. Why do we, as saints, need each other?  Explain fully.  (4:16)

12. List several things Paul tells us about the old life of sin.  (4:17-19)

13. What is the source of all truth?  (4:21)

14. According to 4:22-24, what has changed our attitude?

15. As a Christian, what is one basic responsibility which we acquire?  (4:25)

16. If we get angry, by the end of the day, what should happen?  (4:26)

17. According to 4:27, what does anger “give” to Satan?

18. What is a former thief obligated to do now?  (4:28)

19. As a believer, my speech must not be what?  (4:29)

20. According to 4:31, what things must I now get rid of?

21. What must we do to others and why?  (4:32)

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.