Ephesians 3:  Christ’s Mysteries Revealed Through Godly Living

1. How was Paul able to comprehend God’s “mystery?”  (3:3)

2. What exactly is this mystery Paul speaks of in 3:6?

3. Who are now “fellow heirs” : how and why?  (3:6)

4. What does Paul say about the riches we now enjoy through Christ? (3:8)

5. Because God has revealed this mystery, what is now clearly seen?  (3:10)

6. Around Whom do the eternal purposes of God center around?  (3:11)

7. What do we now enjoy in Christ, according to 3:12?

8. Paul did not the Ephesians to be discouraged becuase of his_________________.

9. Share the two most meaningful things you’ve learned from 3:1-13.

10. Name the two places the family of God is located.  (3:15)

11. What can strengthen the “inner-man?”  (3:16)

12. According to 3:17, where does Christ dwell in you?

13. What does Paul see as fundamental for a stable Christian walk?  (3:17)

14. According to 3:18, what are the four dimensions of God’s love?

15. What does Paul pray that we will know in 3:19?

16. What does Paul mean by being “filled with God?”  (3:19)

17. What is Christ able to do?  (3:20)

18. State the eternal purpose and function of Christ’s church.  (3:21)


Maxim of the Moment

The height of your accomplishment will equal the depth of your convictions. - William Scolavi