Ephesians 1:  Created to Serve God Our Father

This survey of the book of Ephesians will help you to gain a complete overview
        of this dynamic Prison Epistle.
You will note that some questions require more research than others.
    The simple “answer-from-the-text” type questions usually have the answer
        contained within the verse indicated.
These questions are based on the King James Version.


1. This letter (epistle) is addressed to whom?  (1:1)

2. Which two Persons of the Godhead are named?  (1:2)

3. What do all Christians receive?  (1:3)

4. Why did God offer a plan of salvation?  (1:4)

5. Can anyone “earn” the privilege of being adopted?  (1:5) Explain.

6. What makes a person acceptable to God?  (1:6)

7. What does the believer experience when she/he is saved?  (1:7)

8. What price was paid, and by Whom, so that you could reach heaven? (1:7)

9. In verse 8, what two great characteristics of God’s grace are given?

10. Is God obligated to make His will known to us? (1:9)  Explain.

11. What do Christians have to look forward to?  (1:10)

12. What have Christians obtained?  (1:11)

13. According to verses 9 and 11, does God ask anyone’s advice?  Why?

14. How should the awareness of our inheritance cause us to live?  (1:12)

15. Read verse 12. Viewing the entire passage as a whole, list some
      reasons you should trust Christ. (1:1-14)
16. What takes place after a person completely believes the Gospel?  (1:13)
17. Define the word “earnest” (v. 14).
      Read this verse with this definition in mind.
18. In whom, do we, as Christians, need to put our faith?  (1:15)

19. How did Paul continually remember the Ephesian believers?  (1:16)

20. What did Paul request in his prayers for the saints at Ephesus?  (1:17)

21. What was the first thing Paul wanted them to know?  (1:18)

22. Define the word “enlightened.”  (1:18)

23. From 1:18-19, list the three things Paul wants us to understand.

24. According to 1:19, who may share in God’s power and why?

25. In 1:20, what does Paul tell us has been accomplished by God’s power?

26. What Name is above and beyond anything or anyone?  (v.21)

27. What comparison does Paul make in 1:22?

28. What word occurs five times in 1:21-23?

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.