Ecclesiastes 1-12     Life Is Vanity Apart From God

Answering these 66 questions will allow you to become more familiar
  with the text of Ecclesiastes.


1. Whose son does the author of Ecclesiastes claim to be? 1:1

2. What word is often repeated in 1:2?

3. According to 1:9, what is seen as new “under the sun?”

4. Over what nation…and in what city…was the author king over? 1:12

5. What one thing did Solomon wish to know above all else? 1:13

6. According to I Kings 3:12, what gift did God give Solomon?

7. What fits well with wisdom and understanding? 1:18


8. From 2:4-8, list ten things, or persons, Solomon possessed:

9. What word does Solomon use to describe himself in 2:9?

10. In what does the fool walk? 2:14

11. According to 2:16, what is the difference between the death of a wise man
and the death of a fool?

12. What did Solomon eventually hate? 2:17-18

13. What does Solomon say concerning the days of a man’s life in 2:23?

14. According to 2:26, what does God give the man who is good?

15. According to 2:26, what does God give to the sinner?


16. From the list in 3:2-8, list all the things Solomon said that “there is a time for.”

17. In the first part of 3:14, what does Solomon say about the works of God?

18. According to 3:17, who will God judge?

19. According to 3:19, what is the difference between the death of an animal
and a human being?

20. What do both men and animals return to? 3:20


21. What does Solomon say about people that cry in 4:1?
What did they not have?

22. According to Revelation 21:4, what will God do?

23. According to 4:9, why are two better than one?

24. According to 4:12, what is not quickly broken?

25. What is better than an old, foolish king?  4:13


26. Paraphrase all that Solomon says about the mouth in 5:2:

27. How can you tell when a fool is speaking?  5:3

28. What is said concerning vows in 5:4?

29. What are the last few words in 5:7?

30. In 5:10, what object is mentioned as something that cannot satisfy?

31.  According to 5:12, what is sweet?

32.  What does a man get to take to his grave with him?  5:15

33.  Because it is a gift from God, what should I rejoice in?  5:19


34. What is compared to a shadow in 6:12?


35.  What is better than precious ointment?  7:1

36. What is better than the day of your birth?  7:1

37.  According to 7:2, where is it better to go than to the house of feasting?

38. What is better than laughter?  7:3

39. What is better to hear than the song of fools?  7:5

40.  What is compared to the crackling of thorns in a fire in 7:6?

41.  What is better than the proud in spirit?  7:8

42.  What rests in the chest of a fool?  7:9

43.  How should we act in the day of prosperity? 7:14

44.  In 7:26, what is more bitter than death?


45.  According to 8:5, who will not feel evil things?

46.  According to 8:5, what will a wise man’s heart discern?

47.  According to 8:12, who will it “ be well with? ”

48. According to 8:13, who will it ” not be well with? ”


49. What is in the hand of God?  9:1

50.  According to 9:4, what is better than a dead lion?

51.  What do the living know?  9:5

52.  Who is a man to live joyfully with?  9:9

53.  What is better than strength? 9:16

54.  According to 9:18, what is wisdom better than?


55. According to 10:8, what will happen to the man who digs a pit?

56.  According to 10:12, what is gracious?

57. What is a fool full of?  10:14

58. What will destroy and decay a house?  10:18

59.  Who are we not to curse…even in our thoughts?  10:20


60.  What are we to cast upon the waters?  11:1

61.  At what time in your life is it best to rejoice?  11:9


62. At what time in your life is it best to remember your Creator? 12:1

63.  Where will your spirit one day return?  12:7

64. Which verse in chapter 12 is almost identical to Ecclesiastes 1:2?

65.  According to 12:12, what is said about “much study?”

66. Summarize, in your words, Solomon’s “ conclusion of the whole matter ”  from 12:13.

Maxim of the Moment

God will bless the man who blesses his wife.