Colossians 3:  Our Position in Christ and Our New Lifestyle

1. According to 3:1, what should we seek?

2. Read what Jesus said in Luke 12:15. Compare it with Colossians. 3:1.
    How are these thoughts similar?

3. Read Philippians 4:8-9. Name ways in which we can set our
          hearts on heavenly things.

4. Read I John 2:15. What is the result of “loving the world?”

Personnel File:
Paraphrase in your words – and write out – Romans 8:6.
    How can you pesonally apply this verse?

5. According to 3:2, what are we to set our affections upon?

6. According to 3:3, where is my life now “hidden?”

7. Colossians 3:3.  How can a passion to obtain material possessions be
      detrimental to your Christian life?

8. Name a toy you really wanted when you were a child?
    How did you feel when you finally got that toy or never got that toy?

Personnel File:
What things that are “of the world” are you most likely to think about often and why?

9. Read 3:5.  How is greed a form of idolatry?

10. List things you should “ kill, ” according to 3:5.

11. Define “covetousness.”

12. If we seek the things of the world (3:5) more than Christ (3:1),
        what might come upon us (3:6)?

Personnel File:
What are some things you need to “put to death” in your Christian walk?

13. Define “ mortify.”

14. Define “ uncleanness.”

15.  Define “ concupiscnce.”

Personnel File:
Read 3:5 and 3:8-9. Which of these sins are you the most likely to commit?

16. According to 3:8, what must I “put off?”
Personnel File: 
Have you ever been slandered as a Christian? Are you still upset about it?

17. Colossians 3:8.  Are all forms of anger wrong? Explain.

18.  Define “ sanctification.”

19.  Define “ malice.”

20. According to 3:9, what have we already put off?

21. According to 3:10, what have we already put on?

22. How does lying affect relationships?  (3:9)

Personnel File: 
Think of how a lie affected a relationship in your life.

23. From 3:12, list five qualities every Christian needs.

24. Because of what Jesus did for me, what should I now do for others? (3:13)

25. Read 3:11. How is knowing Jesus a remedy for prejudice?
        How are racial barriers overcome in the Christian life?

26. What same term is found in 3:12, 3:17 and 4:2?

27. Read 3:13. Explain the danger of the phrase “I’ll forgive….but I won’t forget”.

28. Define the phrase “ humbleness of mind ”.  (3:12)

Personnel File: 
In what way has someone hurt you (physically/emotionally) and you know for sure you
      have totally forgiven that person because of God’s grace in your life?

29. Who is my great example of forgiveness?  (3:13)

Personnel File:
Another term for “quarrel” or “grievance” (3:13) is an “unresolved conflict”.
      Do you have an unresolved conflict with another Christian?
            If so, what will you do about it?

30. How is the Word of Christ to dwell in us?  (3:16)?
      List some steps you are now taking to let His Word dwell in you.

31. What is the most important thing we must “put on?”  (3:14)

32. How are we as Christians to approach whatever we do in this life? (3:17)

33. In what way is music an important part of the Christian life?  (3:16)

34. What’s you favorite type of music and why?

35. What’s you favorite song and why?

36. How can a husband and wife be helped by obeying I Peter 3:8-9 and
        I Corinthians 11:11-12?

37. According to 3:18-19, what can a wife do in response to her
          husband’s harshness or lack of affection?

38. According to 3:18, what are wives to do? 

39. How should the husband react if his wife is disrespectful?  (3:18)

40. According to I Peter 3:6, in what way is the husband “lord”?

41. Is it harder for a woman to be a good wife than it is for a man to be a good
          husband?  (3:18)  Explain completely.

42. Define “ submissiveness.”

43. In what situations is a wife not required to be submissive to her husband?  (3:18)

44. What must husbands do?  (3:19)

45.Is it easier for a wife to be submissive if the husband is loving?
    What can a husband do to express love?

Personnel File:
How do you talk about your mate when he/she is not present?
  What damage can result from slander?

46. In what ways, according to Ephesians 5:21, is a husband to submit to his wife? 

47. To what lengths must a husband go to show love for his wife? (Ephesians 5:25)

Personnel File:
Do you have any bitter feelings toward your spouse? 

48. In what ways is Jesus the perfect Husband?  (Ephesians 5:25-28)

49. List some ways in which a husband can be harsh with his wife.  (3:19)

50. Read Colossians 3:9. In what ways might a husband be tempted to lie to his wife?

Personnel File:
  The following are hypothetical situations.
      If you have been married, are now married, or plan to marry someday –
        how would you react in these situations?

Your spouse wants a new car. You feel it’s too expensive. What’s the solution?

Your spouse wants to move to another city because of a career advancement.
        How would you react to this?

You want to spend more time involved in church activities.
          Your spouse objects. What should you do?

Your spouse took time off work for no legitimate reason.
      He wants you to lie to your boss about it. How do you handle this?

Your job demands overtime, but your mate thinks you need to spend more time
        at home with the children. What do you say and do?

You want to come home and relax after work.
        Your spouse wants to have an extended conversation.
            What might be your reaction?


51. According to 3:20, what are children to do?

52. According to 3:21, what are fathers not to do?

53. In what way(s) could a parent punish a child in a wrong manner?

Personnel File:
When you were a child, what is one thing your parent(s) insisted that
        you do that you didn’t like to do? 

54. Colossians 3:18-19.  How has the national divorce epidemic impacted the willingness
          of children to respect authority?

55. Colossians 3:21.  How could an immature father create
      an inferiority complex in his child? 

56. Colossians 3:21.  How could an atmosphere of encouragement in the home affect a child’s
          attitude toward God, church and the Christian life?

57. Colossians 3:20-21.  List ways in which a parent can help to develop a positive
          attitude toward authority in their children.

58. Read Deuteronomy 5:16.  What is promised to those who obey their parents?

59. Colossians 3:21.  Why do you think Paul singles out fathers as the ones who
      could discourage their children? Are moms in the same danger? 

60. Read Ephesians 6:1-3. What factors motivate a child’s obedience?

61. List some reasons why children become bitter toward their parents (3:21)

62. Read Matthew 7:9 & Colossians 3:21.
        What attitudes can a father develop and practice that will help his
              children not to become bitter and negative?

63. Colossians 3:22-25. Describe your work situation. Do you “work like a slave?”

64. What must servants do?  (3:22) Are you submissive to your boss?

65. Since slavery is an unbiblical principle, why doesn’t Paul condemn it?

66. What temptations might an employer face concerning his employees and vice-versa?

67. Is there an relation between a child’s attitude toward parental
        authority (3:20-25 and 4:1) and an employees attitude toward an employer?

Maxim of the Moment

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. - George Burns