Acts 9: Saul is Converted, Aeneas is Healed and Dorcas is Restored

1. Compare the way in which Saul entered Damascus in 9:8 with the way
      he had planned to enter in 9:2.

2. What did Paul later write about Christian unity?
    Sum up his statements in I Corinthians 12:26-27.

3. Read Acts 24:22 & 22:4 & 19:23 & 9:2.  What was an early name for Christianity?

4. Who was Saul actually persecuting?  (v. 4)

5. How did Saul address Jesus in v. 5?

6. According to Acts 22:6, what time of day did this vision occur?

7. Read Matthew 12:40 and meditate on this question:
    What is one possible reason Saul was blind for this specific period?

8. Using commentaries, define the phrase,  “to kick against the pricks ” (KJV)  (v. 5).

9. What did Saul’s friends hear, but not see?  ( 9:7)

10. When relating his testimony in Galatians 1:11-17,
      what point does Paul make in Galatians 1:13?

11. In v. 12, who laid hands on Saul for him to recover his sight?

12. What command is given to Ananias twice?  (v. 11 & 15)
13. According to v. 16, what special thing did the Lord want to reveal to Saul?

14. What two things did the Lord desire for Saul?  (9:17)

15. After Saul’s conversion, what happened “after many days?”  (v. 23)

16. Why wasn’t Saul immediately accepted by the Damascus Christians? (vv. 13 & 26)

17. In 9:11 & 15, who did God call a “chosen vessel?”

18. What will happen to all true Christians according to Philippians 1:29?

19. What did Paul list as a proof of his zeal prior to his salvation? (Philippians 3:6)

20. Compare 9:1-2 with 9:23.  Did Saul get a chance to use these letters?

21. The antagonist Saul became the apostle Paul:
    according to vv. 20 and 22, where did he go and what did he do after his conversion?

22. What group bitterly opposed his preaching in Jerusalem?  (v. 29)

23. How did Saul’s conversion change the life of the church?  (v. 31)

24. At Jerusalem, who told the disciples about Saul? (v. 27)

25. What was the length and the nature of Aeneas’ illness?  (v. 33)

26. In v. 35, what was the result of his healing?

27. What was Dorcas of Joppa noted for?  (v. 36)

28. By what other name was Dorcas known? (v. 36)

29. According to Titus 3:8, what should all Christians be busy doing?

30. Name two people Jesus rose from the dead.  List book, chapter and verses.

31. What was there to show that Dorcas had lived a godly life?  (v. 39)

32. What was the result of this miracle?  (v. 42)

33. Simon was a tanner (v. 43).  Research and list the duties of a tanner.

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