Acts 8: The Gospel in Samaria and Philip Meets the Ethiopian Eunuch

1. List seven examples throughout the book of Acts,
    other than in chapter 7, where angels either
      do something,
        go someplace or
          say something.
      (NOTE: They are found in chapters. 1, 5, 8, 10, 12 & 27)

2. What do we already know about Phillip from Acts 6:3-5?

3. What was the direct result of the persecutions following Stephen’s death? (v. 1)

4. What was done by devout men in v. 2?

5. Where did Phillip go on a preaching trip?  (v. 5)

6. What did the Samaritans do “in one accord” in v. 6?

7. How did the persecutions actually help fulfill the promise in Acts 1:8?
    Had the disciples been frightened into silence?  (v. 4)

8. What signs followed Philip’s message and confirmed it?  (vv. 6-7)

9. Through what power did Simon work?  (v. 11)

10. According to 8:9, what did Simon use to deceive the Samaritans?

11. What did the Samaritans say about Simon in v. 10?

12. For what did John and Peter pray in v. 15?

13. According to vv. 18-19, what was Simon’s reaction to the events in vv. 15-17?

14. What can’t be bought with money?  (v. 20)

15. According to John 4:9, what’s so remarkable about Acts 8: 5 and 25?

16. What had John wanted to do to Samaritans on a former occasion? (Lk. 9:52-54)

17. What did Peter say in v. 21 was Simon’s basic problem?

18.  Research Question: Who was Candice ?  (v. 27)
      How long was she queen?   
        Where did she reign?
            List some notable events during her reign.

19. List six facts about the Ethiopian from vv. 27-38.

20. Compare your experience with the Eunuch’s:
    Are you reading your Bible?  Are you seeking to understand God’s Word?
      Have you make a clear decision for Jesus?  Have you been baptized in water?

21. What did the Spirit instruct Phillip to do in v. 29?

22. Was Phillip slow to obey the Holy Spirit on this occasion? (v. 30)

23. What book and chapter of the Old Testament was the Ethiopian reading?  (v. 28)

24. What can we learn from this story about the importance of using the right
      verses to lead someone to Jesus?

25. To what animal is the Messiah compared?  (vv. 32-33)

26. What short, powerful, comprehensive confession of faith did the Ethiopian make in v. 37?
    (NOTE: Use the KJV..because the NIV translators felt that verse was unnecessary,
    so they left it out. It’s true: the NIV goes right from v. 36 to v. 38, skipping v. 37 completely)

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