Acts 7: Stephen’s Defense and Martyrdom

1. Stephen began his speech by referring to which Old Testament character?  (v. 2)

2. In v. 9, who does Stephen use as an example of one who was persecuted?

3. What’s similar between Jesus and Joseph concerning those who envied them? (v. 9)

4. Briefly list 10 events in Moses’ life from Stephen’s speech in this chapter.

5. Define ” dearth ” (KJV) completely. 

6. What didn’t the Jews understand about Moses’ mission?  (v. 25)

7. A ” score” (KJV)  is how many?  So “ three score and 15 ” is how many? (v. 14)

8. Of whom does Moses’ mission remind us?  (John 1:11)

9. How long was Moses in seclusion?  (v. 30)

10. What similarities are there between the experiences of Joseph and Moses?

11. How did God reveal Himself to Moses in the wilderness?

12. What did the people want Aaron to make for them? (v. 40)

13. What did the Israelites do that showed their true spiritual condition?  (v. 41)

14. Which prophet does Stephen quote in v. 42?

15. Research & define the phrase “ the hosts of heaven ”  (v. 40)

16. Research & define the term “ Moloch ”  (v. 43)

17. Research & define the term “ Remphan ”  (v. 43)

18. Which two tabernacles are contrasted in v. 43 and 44?

19. The Jews accused Stephen of speaking against the Temple.
      What does Stephen point out about their place of worship?  (vv. 48-49)

20. Who made a similar charge about the treatment
        of prophets? (Matthew 23:34-36)

21. What parable did Jesus use to point out this problem in Luke 20:9-15?

22. What was the difference between the effect of Stephen’s sermon
        and Peter’s sermon in 2:37-38?

23. Why are Holy Spirit-anointed sermons not always well received?  (v. 54)

24. Who was Steven accused of speaking against in 6:11-14. 
      What person does Steven talk a lot about in his message in chapter 7 and why?

25. How did the treatment Stephen received validate what he said in vv. 51-53?

26. Rather than hear any more Gospel, what did the Jews do?  (v. 57)

27. Why do many people still “ stop their ears ” when the Gospel is preached? (John 3:19)

28. What was Stephen’s source of strengh in this crisis?  (v. 56)

29. Who watched over the coats of the men who stoned Stephen?  (v. 58)

30. What is similarin these two prayers:
    Jesus’ prayer in Luke 23:34 & 46 and Stephen’s (vv. 59-60)

31. Who suffered the same thing he saw inflicted on Stephen?  (II Cor. 11:23-30)
      &  (Acts 9:21 and 24:27) 
32. Referencing the last few chapters in Matthew, list some of His other afflictions.   

33. List three things that demonstrate the extreme hatred the unbelieving Jews
    had toward the Christians.  (7:54-57, 8:3, & 9:1)

Maxim of the Moment

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