Acts 6: The Appointment of the Seven and his arrest

1. Using various commentaries, research and explain what is
      meant by “serving table” (6:2).

2. List some ministries/tasks within the church today that would be in
    this same category.

3. From 6:3, list some qualifications for these ministries.

4. According to v. 4, what must always take place before ministry.

5. What was the complaint of the Grecians in v. 1?

6. What system of mutual provision had already been
      established in the church? (2:44-45)

7. What did the apostles recognize as their primary responsibility? (vv. 2-4)

8. According to I Timothy 3:8-13, in what specific ways can Christians
    serve others today?

9. List the qualifications you appreciate most in ministers.

10. List some of Stephen’s attributes from vv. 5 and 8.

11. Although the word “deacon”  isn’t used here, the word “ministration”  (v. 1)  is the
      same Greek word as “deacon” (  “diakonia”  ).  Define this word completely.

12. Who became the first martyr of the church? (7:57-58)

13. Who became the first evangelist of the church?  (6:5 & 8:5)

14. In 6:6, after they prayed, they “laid their hands on them.” Research and define the
      practice of “laying on of hands” for ministry.

15. Define the word “ suborned ” (KJV) in 6:11. 

16. What is noted concerning Stephen’s preaching in 6:10?

17. What false charges did they bring against Stephen in 6:11?

18. Who became “obedient to the faith” ? (v. 7)

19. Who was accused of blasphemy in Matthew 26:65?

20. What is similar between the charges in Mark 55-59 and
      the ones made against Stephen?

21. According to 6:8, with what was Stephen filled?

22. As they looked at Stephen, what did they see? (v. 15)

23. While they were accusing Stephen of blasphemy against Moses,
      what took place that should have reminded them about Moses? (Exodus 34:29)

24. What had Jesus promised to those who would yield themselves
      totally to Him? (Luke 21:15 and Acts 6:10)

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