Acts 5: The Story of Ananias and Sapphira

1. What contrast can you find between Barnabas in 4:36-37 and Ananias in 5:1-2?

2. Who put this evil idea into the heart of Ananias?  Luke 23:3

3. Which two Persons of the Trinity had Ananias lied to?  (vv. 3-4)

4. Sapphira was his wife. Why didn’t she get a lighter punishment?

5. In their deception, what command of Jesus had they broken?  (Luke 4:12)

6. Are you holding back anything from God?  If so….what?

7. What was the first sin in the garden of Eden?  Genesis 3:6

8. Who committed a serious sin shortly after arriving in Canaan? (Joshua 7:21)

9. Ananias didn’t have to give all his money: he didn’t have to
      give any money at all…… what was his real sin? 

10. What was the reaction of the church to their deaths?  (v. 11)

11. According to v. 13, what did the crowd think about the disciples?

12. Concerning church growth, what happened following this judgment? (vv. 12-14)

13. In 5:15, what did the people hope Peter’s shadow would do for them?
      Is there any scriptural evidence that Peter’s shadow
          actually did this for them?

14. According to v. 17, what group was offended by the miracles?

15. According to v. 18, what did they do to the disciples?

16. Why did this group react so violently against preaching and miracles?
      (See chapter 4, and review your answer for questions 2-6)

17. Did the Sadducees believe in angels?  (Acts 23:8 )

18. Who let the disciples out of jail?  (v. 19)

19. When the apostles were delivered from the prison, where did the angel
      tell them to go, and what were their instructions?  (v. 20)

20. According to v. 22, who discovered the jailbirds had flown?

21. What could they not explain (v. 23) and what else did they find out in v. 25?

22. Instead of acting like frightened, escaped prisoners,
      what were they doing?  (v. 25)

23. In v. 26, why did the captain arrest them so “tactfully” ? What did he fear?

24. In v. 31, what two titles are given to Jesus?

25. What did these disciples receive that Paul also received on
        five different occasions (II Corinthians 11:24)

26. What was a constant source of friction between the disciples
        and the Jewish leaders?  ( vv. 28, 40 & 42)

27. Sum up briefly what Peter later wrote concerning situations
      like the one they faced here.  (I Peter 3:14-17)

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