Acts 4: Peter and John are Imprisoned and Emboldened

1. According to 4:2, what was the primary subject of the apostle’s preaching?

2. Research the sect of the Sadducees.
    What were some of their beliefs?  (Mk. 12:18 and Acts 23:8)

3. As a result of Peter’s message, how many were saved? (v. 4)

4. Were more people saved here (in v. 4) than were saved on
      the day of Pentecost?

5. At the time of the events in chapter 4, who was the high priest?  (v. 6)

6. What fact was the council forced to admit about these “ignorant” men? (v. 13)

7. What put the Jews in such a helpless position? (v. 14)

8. Who had the apostles already seen confined to prison?  (Mark 1:14)

9. Who said a few weeks earlier that
      he was willing to go to jail for Jesus?  (Luke 22:33)

10. According to I Peter 2:8, to whom is Jesus a “stumbling stone?”

11. What did Jesus predict would happen to His disciples in Mark 13:9?

12. What was the council’s dilemma and problem in v. 16?

13. The council said this miracle had been manifest to people
        who dwelt where?  (v. 16)

14. What did they want to prevent….if they could have?  (v. 17)

15. What were the disciples told not to do in v. 17?

16. According to v. 21, what did the people do because of this miracle?

17. Research and completely define the title “Christ”  (vv. 26-27)

18. How can united prayer affect the way we think about our possessions? (vv. 31-32)

19. Name the man known as “the son of consolation”  in this chapter.

20. Who is the man in this chapter named as one who shared his possessions?

21. The man healed at the temple gate was at least how old?  (v. 22)

22. In this chapter, what did the church do “in one accord”  (v. 24)

23. According to David, against whom were the rulers gathered together? (v. 26)

24. Name the two rulers who took part in the trial of Jesus.  (v. 27)

25. According to 4:32, the entire multitude was of “one…” what?

26. Following the prayer of the church, God gave them what two “great” things? (v. 33)

27. In vv. 34-35, how did the disciples express their love and concern for one another?

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.