Acts 3: The Lame Man is Healed and Peter Preaches

1. Which two disciples are involved in this miracle?  (v.1)
2. What is the name of the gate at which the man lay?  (v.2)

3. How long had this man been handicapped?  (v. 2)

4. In the ninth chapter of John, how long had this man been blind?

5. In Acts 14:8, how long had the man at Lystra been lame?

6. According to Acts 3:5, what had this man hoped for?

7. According to Acts 3:7, how long did it take for God to heal this man?

8. What three things did the healed man do in the temple? (3:8)

9. What were the people filled with?  (3:10)

10. What three Old Testament characters are named in v.13?

11. According to v. 13, what did Pilate want to do?

12. What did Pilate say in Luke 23:4?

13. According to Matthew 27:19, who didn’t get a good night’s sleep because of dreams?

14. Research the Gospels and find the name of the man the Jews selected instead of Jesus.  (v.14)

15. In v. 15, Jesus is called by what title?

16. What is Satan called in Ephesians 2:2?

17. According to 3:18, what one thing in particular did the prophets predict
      about the Messiah? 

18. Why should people repent?  (v.19)

19. List the Old Testament men Peter names in his message in 3:22 & 24.

20. What will happen to all who refuse to hear and obey “The Prophet?” (v. 23)

21. In which of the first five books of the Bible is the prophecy of 3:22-23 found?

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