Acts 2: The Arrival of the Holy Spirit and Peter’s Sermon

1. The Holy Spirit came on what famous Jewish feast day? (v. 1).

2.Write a paragraph concerning the origin of this feast day.
      Why is it so significant to the Jewish community?

3. Describe fully what the disciples saw and heard. (2:2-4)

4. Read Revelation 6:12, Acts 2:20 and Matthew 24:29.
    List some of the dramatic events that will take place
        at Jesus’ second coming.

5. Why were people on the day of Pentecost confounded and amazed? (2:6-8)

6. As used in the context of 2:31, define the word “hell.” 

7. Name seven geographical areas where these Jews had come from (v. 9-11)

8. What question did the crowd ask in 2:12?

9. Luke said the disciples were full of the Spirit.
    What did others accuse them of being full of?  (2:13)

10. Upon what 4 groups of people did Joel say the Holy Spirit would be
      poured out upon?  (v. 17-18)

11. According to the prophecy, when did God say He would pour out His Spirit? (v. 17)

12. According to I Peter 2:22, what made Jesus different from all other humans?

13. As used in 2:40, define the word “untoward.”

14. In v. 43, what came upon every soul?

15. Who is Peter quoting in vv. 25-28?

16. According to John 7:39, what had to happen before the Holy Spirit could come?

17. Research and define the phrase “pricked in their hearts” (v. 37)

18. What did the Father use to show His approval of Jesus?  (v. 22)

19. What was the first word of Peter’s reply to the people (v. 38)?
      Completely define this term, using several sources.

20. At Jesus’ second coming, what will happen to the sun and moon? (v. 20)

21. What question did the crowd ask after being “pricked in their hearts?” (v. 37)

22. When the crowd asked Peter and the disciples, “What shall we do,”
      what two things were they told to do?

23. According to v. 39, to whom is the promise of the Spirit given?

24. What is the final statement in Peter’s message? (v. 40)

25. As a result of Peter’s preaching, how many were added to the church? (v. 41) 

26. What things did they “continue steadfastly”  to do?  (v. 42)

27. In v. 43, what things were performed by the apostles?

28. In v. 45, what did they do with their possessions…and why?

29. In v. 46, with what attitude did they eat their food?

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