Acts 28: Paul on the Isle of Melita; His Arrival and MInistry in Rome

1. What island did they reach?  (v. 1)

2. Using Bible maps, find out how far this island is from Rome

3. What was the weather like? (v. 2)

4. Who did God use to help them?  (v. 2)

5. What sort of task did Paul find to do in v. 3?

6. What effect did Paul’s snakebite have on the natives?  (v. 4)

7. What surprised the Natives in vv. 5 & 6?

8. What is the contrast between v. 4 &  6?

9. Name the chief of the island.  (v. 7)

10. What illness did his father have?  (v. 8)

11. Using several medical sources, describe how this illness affects the body.

12. What blessings resulted from the shipwreck?  (vv. 8-9)

13. How did the natives reward Paul in v. 10?

14. According to v. 22, what basic fact was known about Christianity?

15. What opportunity did Paul have to witness (vv. 17-23)…and for how long?

16. Which two Old Testament writers are quoted by Paul in vv. 23-25?

17. What are the only two possible reactions to the Gospel message?  (v. 24)

18. List some facts concerning Paul’s ministry in Rome. (vv. 30-31)

19. What subject was top priority with Paul throughout his ministry?  (v. 31)

20. Compare a verse in the first chapter of Acts (1:8) with one in the last chapter (28:28).
      How is Jesus Great Commission being fulfilled?



If you have ” walked-through ” all of the 28 chapters, you have completed
    687 questions concering the Book of Acts.

We trust this extensive, pragmatic exercise was helpful.

May Jesus richly bless you,

  Dr. John & Doris Knoles


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