Acts 27: Paul’s Voyage to Rome, The Storm and Shipwreck

1. How was Paul treated by Julius?  (v. 3)

2. Who could have handled this situation so that all their problems could have
      been avoided?  (Matt. 8:23-27)  Why do you think He did not?

3. What can you, as a child of God, have in the midst
        of the storm?  (Isaiah 26:3)

4. Jonah can be contrasted with Paul’s stormy experience. 
        What did the sailors do to him?  (Jonah 1:3 & 15)

5. What warning did Paul give at Fair Havens?  (v. 8-10)

6. Who did the centurion believe in 27:11?

7. What led them to believe that they were safe?  (v. 13)

8. What added to the terror of this situation?  (v. 20)

9. What assurances was Paul able to give to these men?  ( v. 22)

10. Who visited Paul in v. 23?

11. What was another problem they faced?  (v. 29)

12. Who let down a lifeboat and hoped to escape?  (v. 30)

13. What did Paul warn would happen if they abandoned ship?  (v. 31)

14. How was this prevented?  (vv. 30-32)

15. How long had they been without food?  (v. 33)

16. How certain was their safety?  (v. 34)

17. What did Paul do before they ate?  (v. 35)

18. How did the sailors respond when they saw Paul pray and eat?  (v. 36)

19. Define the word “ score ”  (KJV) (v. 37)
        Do the math: how many people were on board?

20. Why did the soldiers want to kill the prisoners?  (v. 42)

21. Why did Julius not want to kill them?  (v. 43)

22. What promise to Paul was God keeping?  (23:11)

23. How was Paul’s faith rewarded in v. 44?

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