Acts 26: Paul’s Defense Before Agrippa

1. According to v. 2, how did Paul view this opportunity to speak?

2. Paul considered Agrippa to be an expert in what?  (v. 3)

3. What was the strictest sect of the Jews?  (v. 5)

4. According to 26:12, who endorsed Saul’s campaign of hate?

5. List five things Saul did against the saints in 9:1-2 and 26: 9-12

6. What same phrase appears in Acts 9:4, 22:7, and 26:14?

7. Paul gives his testimony three times in the book of Acts.
    What details of his conversion, not mentioned in Ch. 9 or Ch. 22,
        does he give in 26:11-18?

8. From v.18, list five reasons why Jesus sent Paul to the Gentiles.

9. According to v. 19, what was Paul’s response to the heavenly vision?

10. Define the term “ repent ” using several sources.  (v. 20)

11. According to I Corinthians 15:9, why did Paul feel unworthy to be an apostle?

12. What is the result of good Gospel preaching?  (v. 20)

13. How can you answer the sinner that accuses you of mental instability
      because of your faith in Jesus (Phil. 4:7)

14. Can a person in their right mind reject God’s plan of salvation?  (Luke 12:20)

15. When Festus said Paul was crazy, what did Paul answer?  (v. 25)

16. Research and define what Paul meant by the phrase
      ” this thing was not done in a corner ”  (KJV)  (v. 26)

17. What two questions did Paul ask Agrippa?  (v. 8 & v. 27)

18. What did Paul wish for Agrippa (v. 29)

19. What is the same conclusion most Roman authorities reached
        concerning Paul?  (23:9 and 26:31)

20. What rash thing did they think Paul had done?  (v. 32)


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