Acts 25: Paul’s Appeal to Caesar and Appearance Before Agrippa

1. What would these religious leaders have done, if they could have?  (v. 3)

2. What did Festus require?  (v. 5)

3. How long had Paul’s case been postponed?  (v. 6)

4. How long had it been since Paul had been taken from
      Jerusalem to Caesarea?  (24:27)

5. What did Paul’s accusers still not have?  (24:13 & 25:7)

6. How did Paul have the strength to continue?  (Ephesians 6:18-20)

7. Who and what did Paul say he had not offended?  (v. 8)

8. What character trait did Festus share with Felix (v. 9)

9. Where did the Jews want Paul to be taken…..and why?  (v. 9)

10. Who did Paul, as a Roman citizen, have the right to stand before
        in the hope of receiving a fair trial?  (vv. 10-12)

11. What did Festus do before telling Paul he’d be sent to Caesar?  (v. 12)

12. Research the character, the title and the position of Agrippa.

13. Describe the Roman legal procedure which Festus used in vv. 16-17.

14. What did Festus say about Jesus……
      and what did Paul say about Jesus?  (v. 19)

15. What did Festus say that Agrippa would do tomorrow?  (v. 22)

16. What type of audiences did Jesus promise to His disciples?  (Mark 13:9)

17. What had the Lord predicted concerning Paul’s future?  (Acts 9:15-16)
      Does it appear this is being fulfilled here?

Maxim of the Moment

Rare is the one you can long hold dear.