Acts 24: Paul’s Defense Before Felix

1. What political complements does Tertullus use on Felix?  (v. 2-4)

2. What does the Lord say about flattering lips in Psalm 12:3?

3. List the three accusations against Paul in vv. 5-6.

4. From 23:35, we know Paul was kept where?

5. What title did Tertullus use for Christianity in v. 5?

6. What should we, as Christians, be ready to do?  (I Pet. 3:15 & Acts 24:10)

7. Did Paul have a habit of arguing about “ religion? ”  (v. 12)

8. What was the one vital thing lacking in this case? (v. 13)  (Acts 25:25)

9. Could Paul be charged with not believing in the Old Testament?  (v. 14)

10. What did the Jews call the way Paul worshipped?  (v. 14)

11. Who will be resurrected?  (v. 15)

12. What man of God was heard gladly by a ruler in Mark 6:20?

13. In v. 16, Paul said he tried to keep a clear conscience toward whom?

14. Define the word “alms”  in v. 17

15. What two privileges does Felix allow Paul to have?  (v. 23)

16. Before the Jewish council (23:6) and here before Felix, what was the
      the real reason that Paul was accused?  (24:21)

17. What was Felix’s physical response to Paul’s warning?  (v. 25)

18. Who else had this physical response?  (Acts 16:29)

19. Who wanted Jesus to perform a miracle for him?  (Luke 23:8)

20. What elements in Paul’s preaching alarmed Felix?  (v. 25)

21. What was the reason Felix wanted Paul around? (vv. 26-27)

22. What was the reason for the anger of the owners of the slave girl in 16:19?

23. What was the reason for the anxiety of Demetrius in 19:25?

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