Acts 21: Paul’s Incarceration and Defense Before the Council

1. What warning did Paul receive at Tyre?  (v. 4)

2. What did Paul share concerning this after he reached
      Jerusalem? (22:17-18)

3. In v. 5, what did they do on the shore?

4. Who was the host for Paul and his friends at Caesarea?  (v. 8)

5. Which group is referred to by the phrase “one of the seven?”  (Acts 6:5)

6. How were his children involved in ministry?  (v. 9) 
      How does this line up with Acts 2:17?

7. According to v. 9, what was the moral condition of his daughters?

8. What prophet came down from Jerusalem? (v. 10). 
    On what occasion do we first read about this man? (Acts 11:27-30)

9. What did Paul say about his future in v. 13?

10. What did Peter say about his future in Luke 22:33?

11. When Paul came to Jerusalem (vv. 15-16), which of his 3 missionary journeys
      had he just completed?  1st, 2nd or 3rd?

12. Who did Paul meet with in v. 18?

13. Compare Luke 22:42 with Acts 21:13.
      What is similar about the attitude of these two men?

14. According to I Corinthians 12:10, what gift did both Agabus
        and Philip’s daughter’s have?


Agabus gave a prophecy in vv. 10-11. Research the following situations and describe
the situation and the prophetical symbolic actions used in each:

15. Isaiah 20:2

16. Jeremiah 13:1-11

17. John 3:14 and Numbers 21:9

18. Ezekiel 4:4-8


19. Why did the prospect of persecution and death not sway Paul from
      his purpose? (II Corinthians12:9)
      According to II Timothy 2:10, why was he willing to endure all things?

20. How was Paul’s report received?  (v. 20)

21. Research vv. 21-26. Why did Paul do this?
      Didn’t this compromise his beliefs?

22. What had already been decided about imposing Jewish
      ceremonial laws upon Gentile Christians?  (v. 25 and Acts 15:20)

23. What did the Jews of Asia accuse Paul of in vv. 28-29?

24. What was planned for Paul?  (v. 31)

25. Paul’s friends came to his rescue in vv. 31-33.  True or False?

26. What did the mob cry in Luke 23:18?  In Acts 22:22?  In 21:36?

27. Define the word “ mean ” (KJV) as it is used in 21:39.

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