Acts 20: Paul’s Journeys to Macedonia, Greece and Miletus

1. Where did Paul go next?  (v. 1)

2. Where did he stay for 3 months?  (vv. 2-3)

3. What man, named in v. 4, did Paul write two epistles to?

4. Research the phrase “the days of unleavened bread ” (KJV)
      What did the Jews celebrate during this time? (v. 6)

5. What happened to Eutychus in v. 9?

6. Paul wanted to reach Jerusalem in time for what Jewish feast day?  (v. 16)

7. What are two basic doctrines that Paul preached often?  (v. 21)

8. What did the future hold for Paul? (v. 23)

9. Despite his trials, what was Paul’s motto? (Phil. 1:21)

10. Of whom are we reminded in v. 23?  (Matt. 16:21)

11. With what did Paul want to “finish the course” of his ministry?  (v. 24)

12. What did Paul want to testify about in v. 24?

13. What authority put these people in positions of leadership?  (v. 28)

14. What did Jesus purchase….and with what?  (v. 28)

15. To what does Paul compare false teachers?  (v. 29)

16. What is the true motive of those who speak “perverse things?”  (v. 30)

17. For how many years did Paul teach the Ephesians?  (v. 31)

18. What wonderful words of Jesus are recorded in v. 35, but not in the Gospels?

19. What was Paul’s attitude toward support in the ministry
        and material possessions?  (vv. 33-35)
          Why is this a healthy attitude to have?

20. What did Paul do in v. 36?

21. What did the Ephesian elders do in v. 37?

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