Acts 19: Paul and the Riot in Ephesus

1. What had some of the Ephesian Christians not yet heard about (v. 2)

2. What did the Eunuch (8:31), these disciples at Ephesus and Apollos all
      have in common?    (18:25-26)

3. Consult a few commentaries and explain why these disciples were
      baptized a second time.

4. What experience did the disciples (19:6) share with believers in Acts 2:4?

5. What did John the Baptist say about the Holy Spirit in Matthew 3:11?

6. According to Romans 6:4, what is water baptism symbolic of?

7. What proof was given that they really had received the Holy Spirit?  (v. 6)

8. How long did Paul stay at Corinth? (19:8)
      How long did he stay and teach at Ephesus? (19:9-10 and Acts 28:30)
        What does this suggest to you?

9. What manifestation of divine power, through Paul, did
        God give in this city?  (vv. 11-12)

10. What phrase is repeated in vv. 5 & 17?

11. Why is this so important?  Phil. 2:10-11, Acts 4:12

12. What phrase or term is used to describe the Christian life in Acts 9:2 and
    Acts 19:2 & 23?  According to John 14:6, why is this term appropriate?

13. How successful was the opposition we read of in vv. 9-10?

14. How did God demonstrate that His name and His power
      are not magic? (vv. 13-16)

15. What happened to these seven men in vv.14-16?

16. What kind of bonfire was held in v. 19?  What was the value of these items?

17. List six things you would NOT allow in your home.

18. What city was Paul determined to reach?  (v. 21)

19. What objects did the silversmith make that brought them a lot of money? (v. 24)

20. What was the true motive of these silversmiths?  (v. 25)

21. Read vv. 25-27. Name some ways in which cults, liberal Christianity and certain
      TV-evangelists exploit people today.

22. The worshippers of Diana described her by what
        five-letter word (KJV) in vv. 27, 28, 34 & 35?

23. What phrase was heard in town for 2 hours?  (vv. 28 & 34)

24. According to v. 28, what were these silversmiths full of?

25. According to v. 29 and v. 32, what was Ephesus full of?

26. What does Paul have to say about this in I Corinthians 14:33?

27. What did Paul’s friends tell him NOT to do in vv. 30-31?

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