Acts 17: The uproar in Thessalonica and Paul at Athens

1. Pinpoint Thessalonica on a map.

2. For how many weeks did Paul preach at the synagogue in Thessalonica?  (v. 2)

3. In God’s plan of salvation, what did Jesus have to do?  (v. 3)

4. What motivated these Jews?  (v. 5)

5. What unintentional compliment did they give to these disciples?  (v. 6)

6. Who was this other king referred to in v. 7?

7. What did Paul later recall about the Thessalonians?  (I Thessalonians 1:9)

8. What had been the daily habit of these Jews?  (v. 11)

9. What was the result of their biblical preaching?  (v. 12)

10. Where did Paul go next?  Whom did he want to assist him?  (v. 15)

11. What does worldly wisdom not lead us to?  ( I Corinthians 1:21)

12. What did Paul do in the synagogue and how often?  (v. 17)

13. What did Paul warn us about in Colossians 2:8?

14. In one word, what was the primary problem at Athens?  (v. 16)

15. What did Paul say was the problem of the men of Athens?  (v. 22)

16. Look up “Epicureans” give a complete definition of who they
      were and what they believed.  (v. 18)

17. Do the same for the group known as the “Stoics.” (v. 18)

18. How did these philosophers get their kicks?  (v. 21)

19. What did these philosophers call Paul in v. 18?

20. What had Paul noticed in passing?  (v. 23)

21. What has God given to us?  (v. 25)

22. According to John 4:24, what is the only way to worship?

23. How did Paul counter the Athenian concept that they were
      superior to everyone else?  (v. 26)

24. What were the two responses to Paul’s message?  (v. 32)

25. What does Paul say about God in v. 27?

26. Does that mean that every person is a spiritual child of God?  (Gal. 3:26)

27. How do I become a member of God’s family?  (John 3:7)

28. What does God now demand of all men and women?  (v. 30)

29. What is the only way to escape judgment?  ( John 5:24)

30. Did there seem to be many converts among these philosophers?  (vv. 32 & 34)

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