Acts 16: Paul’s Vision of the Man of Macedonia and Imprisonment at Philippi

1. What young man is introduced in chapter 16?
      What special reason did Paul have for having him circumcised? (vv. 1-5)
        Did this contradict what was decided in chapter 15? 

2. What did Paul do in the case of Titus (Galatians 2:3-5) and why?

3. What did Paul, later in life, write to Timothy?  ( II Tim. 2:9)

4. To win people to Jesus, how far was Paul willing to go?  ( I Corinthians 9:22)

5. In v. 6, what is Paul warned about?

6. What were the results in Asia when God directed the disciples there? (19:10)

7. What were they warned about in v. 7?

8. To what country did the Lord call them through this vision in the night?  (v. 9)

9. Did they feel certain that this was the Lord’s leading? (v. 10)

10. Did they delay? How soon did they obey?  (v. 11)

11. Name the first four places Paul went on his
    second missionary journey? (15:40 & 16:1)

12. Who was the first convert in Europe in the city of Philippi?  (v. 14)

13. The first convert in Europe was of what gender? (v. 13)?

14. What gender first saw the risen Christ?  (Mt. 28:9)

15. What did the female soothsayer say about Paul & Silas?  (v. 17)

16. Who recognized Jesus for who He was,
      but was “doctrinally challenged” ? (Mark 5:6)

17. Was what this girl (v. 17) said about Paul and Silas true?
        What was the source of her information?  (vv. 17-18)

18. Summarize the warnings the Bible provides about dabbling in spiritism,
      New Age and the occult.  (Deuteronomy 18:9-12)

19. Through what name alone may demon-possessed
      persons be delivered? (v. 18)

20. What was the reason for the first persecution on European soil?  (v. 19)

21. What reason is given for these people wanting to get rid of these disciples? (v. 21)

22. What did Paul later write concerning
      his treatment in Philippi? ( I Thessalonians 2:2)

23. What extra precautions did the jailer take with Paul & Silas in v. 24?

24. Define the term “stocks.” What form of punishment is this?  (v.24)

25. Did these ” jail birds “ sing?  (v. 25)  About what time was it?

26. Why did the jailer contemplate suicide?  (vv. 27-28)

27. Who had been bound, in a greater but different way, than Paul & Silas? (v. 30)

28. What did Paul later write to the Philippians?  (Phil. 4:4)

29. How did God open prison doors on two other occasions?  (5:19 & 12:7)

30. What is the simple but complete answer to the salvation question?  (v. 31)

31. What did the jailer want to do after he got saved?  (v. 33)

32. Compare 16:37-39 with 22:25-29.
      Why didn’t Paul “sneak out the back door?”
        Research and discover how Paul’s demands could
          later benefit the church.

33. How could your citizenship in your nation be an advantage in the spread
        of the Gospel?  How could it be used for God’s glory?

34. Why were these Macedonian officials afraid? Had they any right to treat a
        Roman prisoner they way they had?  (v. 38)

35. Where did the disciples go after these officials had
          changed their minds? (vv. 15 & 40)

36. How did the events later in this chapter confirm the vision in vv. 9-10?

37. What do Lydia, the slave girl, the jailer
      and Cornelius (10:1-2) all have in common?

38. Years later, how did Paul think about these
        Philippian saints?  ( Philippians 1:3)

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