Acts 15: The Jerusalem Council and the Second Missionary Journey

1.  In v. 2, who disputed the idea that circumcision is necessary for salvation?

2. Summarize the basic false teaching of the men from Judea
        from Gal. 2:16, Gal. 3:26, Gal. 5:3 & Acts 15:1.
          What did these “Judiaziers”  believe?

3. What “yoke”  were they trying to put on the Gentile Christians? (vv. 5 & 10)

4. What had already convinced Peter that Gentiles can be saved too? (10:11-15)

5. Who listened to Barnabas and Paul and why did they listen?  (v. 12)

6. From vv. 7, 12 & 13, name the four speakers at this “Jerusalem Council.”

7. Does including Gentiles in God’s plan of salvation agree with
        Old Testament prophecy? (v. 15)

8. What was the conclusion James reached in this matter?  (v. 19)

9. From vv. 20 & 29, list the things the Gentile believers were to avoid.

10. From Bible dictionaries, define “subverting” (v. 24).

11. How did God confirm that Jews and Gentiles were equals?  (v. 8 & 28)

12. What was the basic conclusion of the council? (v. 28)

13. What was the effect of this decision?  (v. 31)

14. As this term is used in this verse, define “consolation”  (KJV) (v. 31) 

15. If circumcision was made a necessary aspectt of salvation in Christ,
        what would be the result?  (Gal. 5:3)

16. Did these false teachers really have authority from the church at Jerusalem?

17. In 12:2, we read about James.  Is this the same James here in Acts 15?  (Gal. 1:18-19)

18. What is the task of Believers today?  (Luke 14:23)

19. Why didn’t Paul take John Mark with him on this trip?  (v. 38)

20. Who did Paul take with him? (v. 40)

21. How does Paul evaluate John Mark later in life? (II Timothy 4:11)

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