Acts 13: The First Missionary Journey

1. Which men were selected by the Holy Spirit for leadership?  (v. 2)

2. What did the prophets and teachers do before sending these men out?  (vv. 2-3)

3. Using Strong’s Concordance, you’ll find that the words “Fast, Fasted, and Fasting”
  are used a total of eight times in Acts.
  Now also count the number of times the words “Pray, Prayer, Prayers, Prayeth
      and Praying” are used in the book of Acts. What is the total?
        Why is this significant?

4. Who does Luke describe as a “prudent man” in v. 7?

5. Read vv. 8-11, the story of Bar-Jesus. Define the word “sorcery.”

6. Who disputed with the disciples in v. 8?

7.  “Bar-Jesus” means “Son of the Savior.”  But what does Paul call him? (v. 10)

8. What judgment did he receive?  (v. 11)

9. Through this judgment, of what day might Paul have been reminded? (9:9)

10. According to v. 18, how long did God tolerate Israel’s “bad manners” ?

11. How long did the period of the Judges last?  (v. 20)

12. What’s the first result of being justified?  (Romans 5:1)

13. Which John is Paul quoting in v. 25?  John the Beloved Disciple
        or John the Baptist?

14. What did Paul call the Cross in v. 29?

15. What promise is given to all who believe in vv. 38-39?

16. While at Antioch, what did Paul say couldn’t justify?  (v. 39)

17. List seven specific things God has done for Israel throughout their
      history as listed in vv. 17-41.

18. Who wanted to hear more of the Gospel the next Saturday?  (v. 42)

19. Who came the next Sabbath day to hear the Gospel?  (v. 44)

20. What did the Jews give up when they rejected Christ?  (John 1:11-12)

21. What symbolic act did Jesus instruct His disciples to perform in Matthew 10:14?

22. What were the unbelieving Jews filled withf?  (v. 45)

23. By rejecting Jesus, what did Paul say the Jews judged
      themselves “unworthy of?” (v. 46)

24. Who did the Jews stir up against Barnabas and Paul in v. 50?

25. What did Paul and Barnabas do in v. 51?

26. List every Old Testament character named in this chapter.

27. What were Barnabas and Paul full of?  (v. 52) 

Maxim of the Moment

The bankrupt man is the man who has lost his enthusiasm. - H.W. Arnold