Acts 12: Peter is Imprisoned, Then Delivered

1 .Review the following messages in Acts:  2:14-42,    3:12-26,  4:8-12,  &  7:1-53.
    Why is the doctrine of the resurrection such an important aspect of
      these messages in the early church?

2.  Who killed James, the church’s second martyr?  (v. 2)

3. Who liked what Herod did?  (v. 3)

4.  Was this second martyr one of the original 12 apostles?

5.  Who was the first martyr of the church?  (Ch. 7)

6.  Is this the same Herod who had the babies killed in Matthew 2:16,
      or was it a relative of his?

7. What was the manner in which the church prayed?  (v. 5)

8.  What was the first thing the angel did to Peter in v. 7?

9. How did Peter get through the city gate in v. 10?

10. What did Peter say about dying for Jesus in Mark. 14:31?

11. What two commands did the angel give to Peter in vv. 8-9?

12. Who answered the door at Mary’s house?  (v. 13)

13. Was it as easy for Peter to get into the prayer meeting as it was for him
        to get out of jail?  (vv. 13-14)

14. What two explanations did the disciples have concerning the girl’s report that
        Peter was at the door?  (v. 15)

15. Read v. 5 and also vv 12-17.
      Were they confident God would answer their prayers?

16. Who did Peter want to know about his deliverance?  (v. 17)

17. When was Peter’s escape discovered?  (v. 18)

18. What did the rulers do to the jailers in v. 19?

19. What did the people shout when Herod sat upon his throne?  (v. 22)

20. Who smote Herod in v. 23?

21. What effect did Herod’s death have upon the Word of God?  (v. 24)

22. Read II Timothy 4:11 and Acts 12:12 & 25.
    Who was the one person Paul wanted to see when he was imprisoned
        as an older man?

Maxim of the Moment

Love is made sweet by compliments; not commands.