Acts 11: The Churchs at Jerusalem and Antioch

1. What was the attitude of some believers when they learned that Peter
        had been seeking Gentile converts?  (vv. 1-3)

2. What confirms Peter’s vision was really from God? (v. 12)

3. What was the reason Peter went to Cornelius’ house?  (v. 14)

4. What prophecy was brought to Peter’s mind in v. 16.
      Who brought this to his mind?  (John 14:26)

5. List some of the ways in which we can clearly see the Holy Spirit guiding
      His people.  (10:19-20, 10:44, 11:12-13, 11:21)

6. What did God grant to the Gentiles? (v. 18)

7. Sum up God’s “no bias”  policy from the following scriptures:
      John 10:16,  Gal. 3:28   Eph. 2:12-14, Col. 3:11, Acts 11:15

8. What is one reason these witnesses traveled so much and thus
      spread the Gospel?  (v. 19)

9. What word do you find in v. 28 that you defined in a previous
      chapter study?  What does it mean?

10. What was God able to do through ordinary Christians?  (vv. 20-21)

11. In v. 23, what exhortation did Barnabas give?

12. How is Barnabas described in v. 24?

13. Whom did Barnabas seek as a co-worker?  (v. 25)

14. How long did these two teach the Word in Antioch?  (v. 26)

15. What did Barnabas already know about Paul?  (9:26-30)

16. Believers were called by what new title at Antioch?  (v. 26)

17. To whom was it revealed that a famine was coming?  (v. 28) 

18. What action did the disciples take because of this? (vv. 29-30)

19. Who took this money to the brethren of Judea?  (v. 30)

20. Toward what group of people do Christians have a special
        responsibility?  (Galatians 6:10)

21. Define the word “ relief ” in the context of v. 29.
      (NOTE: The meaning of this word may suprise you:
        it may not mean what you think.)


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