Acts 10: Peter Meets Cornelius and the Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit

1. Read about Cornelius in vv. 1-25. List four of his attributes or characteristics.

2. Caesarea was a Roman military stronghold named in honor of Caesar.
      Look it up in several Bible dictionaries and list several facts about this place.

3. What seems to indicate Cornelius was a man who really sought God?

4. Does this passage infer there were other soldiers who also believed?

5.  What was Peter doing on the roof?  (v. 9)

6.  Why did Peter object to the command given to him
      in vv. 13-14? (Deuteronomy. 14:3-21)

7. What was Peter told not to call “common or unclean “? (v. 15)

8. Explain briefly what Peter saw in his vision and what it really meant.

9. Were Jewish ceremonial prohibitions intended to remain in effect after
      Jesus went to the cross? (Romans 3:22 and Colossians 3:11)

10. At this time, did Peter fully realize the meaning of his own statement in 2:29?

11. Why was this vision and insight so vital for Peter to comprehend before
        Cornelius’ messengers arrived?  (10:19-20)

12. Read John 13:38 and John 21:17 and Acts 10:40. How many times was this
      vision repeated and why do you think it was repeated?

13. What interrupted Peter’s meditation on this vision?  (v. 17)

14. Who sent the messengers mentioned in v. 20?

15. Who once took a ship from Joppa and refused to
        carry God’s message to the Gentiles?  (Jonah 1:3)

16. What mistake did Cornelius make in v. 25?

17. Who is worthy of worship?  (Revelation 22:9)

18. What did Peter finally comprehend in v. 34 (See also Romans 2:11)

19. Under the Old Testament laws, what was it unlawful to do? (v. 28)

20. What did Peter share in v. 28 that he’d just learned in vv. 14-15?

21. From all that Peter shares about Jesus in this passage,
        list five facts about Him.

22. Read the story Paul relates in Galatians 2:11-14.
      What did it seem hard for Peter to understand?  Why?

23. What convinced the Jews at Cornelius’ house that the Gentiles
      had received the Holy Spirit?  (v. 46)

24. From v. 43, prove that Jesus’ Great Commission
        wasn’t only for the Jews.  (see Acts 11:18 also)

25. How, why and by whom is Peter’s sermon interrupted in v. 44?

26. How did the fact that Peter stayed in Cornelius’ home publicly confirm
        Peter had begun to understand the vision God had given him?  (v. 48)

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