II Corinthians 9:  Principles and Promises Concerning Giving

1. What does Paul men when he says it is superfluous to write to the
      Corinthians about ministering?  Explain. 9:1

2. What did Paul say about the church in Achaia in 9:2?

3. What places did Paul want to visit according to Acts 19:21?

4. In 9:4, how did Paul say he would feel if the Macedonians found
        the Corinthian church to be immature?

5. According to 9:7, what are two improper ways to give in an offering?

6. Paraphrase (re-write in your own words) verse 9:6.

7. What pleases God?  9:7
8. If we give to God, we will abound in what two things? 9:8

9. According to I Corinthians 16:2, what are we to do on the first day of every week?

10. When we cheerfully give to God, what will increase?  9:10

11. What Old Testament verse does Paul quote in II Corinthians 9:9?
12. When our needs are met, what must we express to God? 9:11-12

13. According to 9:13, what were the Corinthians in subjection to?

14. What is the “unspeakable gift” Paul refers to here? 


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