II Corinthians 8:  The Proper Attitude Toward Finances

1. According to 8:1-2, Paul was pleased with the churches in what region? 

2. According to 8:7, what did Paul want the Corinthians to abound in? 

3. Paul urges the Corinthians to participate in an offering for the poor.
      If they did so, what would that demonstrate?  8:8

4. What did Jesus do in order that you could become “rich?”  8:9
5. What does Luke 2:7 state concerning Jesus’ poverty?

6. Paul stated that it was good the Corinthians were ready to give
      but now what must they do?  8:11
7. List the book, chapter and verse which Paul quotes in 8:15. 

8. Which of the following words best sums up Paul’s topic in 8:13-15?

A. Fasting    
B. Communion service    
C. Equality    

9. From the chapter you listed in question seven, summarize the lesson God tried to
        teach the people concerning gathering the manna.
            Why only the morning? Why not gather it on Saturday?

10. The key concept in 8:21 is which of these?     

A. Money      
B. Traveling  
C. Honesty    
D. None of the above

11. What’s the key word in 6:16 and in 8:22?
12. How does Paul describe Titus in 8:23?
13. By their actions, what are the Corinthian Christians proving?  8:24

14. In James 2:17 and 2:26, what is stated about “faith and works?”


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