II Corinthians 7: The Corinthian’s Response to Paul’s Letter

1. What affectionate term does Paul use to address the Corinthians in 7:1?

2. What three things could Paul honestly say he had
      not done in his ministry?  7:2

3. Describe Paul’s emotional state while in Macedonia.  7:5

4. Who did God use to be a comfort to Paul in Macedonia?  7:5

5. Titus was a friend of Paul who was highly used of God on the isle of Crete.
    From Paul’s letter to Titus, list some of the practical instructions to
        older men in Titus 2:2.

6. From Titus 1:7-9, list some positive attributes all ministers must have.

7. From Titus 2:4-5, list attribute young Christian women must have.

8. Was the report from Titus concerning the Corinthians church positive?  7:7

9. An honest, godly sorrow will lead a person to do what? 7:10

10. List the powerful terms used by Paul in 7:11.
      What can you conclude from these?  Summarize Paul’s thoughts.

11. What is the difference between Paul’s attitude toward the
      Corinthians in 7:16 and his attitude toward the Galatians in Galatians 4:11?


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