II Corinthians 3:  The New Covenant

1. Paul refers to the Corinthian believers as “his epistle.” 
        Where were they “written?”  3:2-3
2. Interpret and paraphrase from 3:6, the phrase, “The letter killeth,
      but the Spirit giveth life.”

3. We are to be “able ministers” of what? 3:6  

4. In Matthew 26:28 and Mark 14:24, what did Jesus call His Blood?
5. Why could the Jews not look upon the face of Moses after He had come
      down from the mountain?  3:6-7

6.  In what verse of Exodus 34 does is this fact recorded?
7. Name the 4 “ministrations” (administrations) Paul refers to in verses 7-9.

8. According to 3:12, what does Paul say concerning his words?

9. In verse 14, Paul states that something had happened to the minds of the Jews.
      What was it?

10. Spiritually speaking, where was this “vail” that kept the Jews from
      understanding the law of Moses?  3:15
11. Who is the key Person for understanding the Old Testament? 3:14

12. According to verse 17, what Person is the key to true liberty?

13. What Person changes us daily and helps us to be more like Jesus?  3:18

14. When you look into the “glass” (mirror) Paul refers to in 3:18, do you personally
      desire to the God’s glory reflected in you? 

Maxim of the Moment

Woman was formed by God - out of man's side to be equal, from under his arm for protection, and near his heart to be loved.