II Corinthians 12: Paul’s Visions and Revelations

1. In Paul’s vision, where did he say he was taken to?  12:2

2. What did Paul mean by having a “thorn in the flesh?” 12:7

3. For what reason did Paul suppose God gave him this “thorn?”  12:7

4. What request did Paul make to the Lord three times?  12:8

5. In 12:9, what did the Lord tell Paul was sufficient for him?

6. According to 12:9, why was Paul content to “glory” in infirmities?

7. For the Gospel’s sake, Paul “took pleasure” in what five difficulties?

8. Paul said that he was equal to any of the other apostles. True or False. 12:11

9.  According to 12:12, what proofs or signs had God demonstrated
        through Paul at Corinth?

10. Paul felt the church at Corinth loved him more than he loved them (12:15).
        True or False?
11. According to verse 19, why did Paul do all that he did for the church at Corinth?

12. Read verse 20. What are some of the sins that Paul was afraid
        he might find when he returned to Corinth?

13. Paul feared that some of the Corinthians had failed to
          repent of what three sins? 12:21  


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