II Corinthians 11:  Suffering for Christ

1. In 11:2, who is the “husband” that Paul refers to?
2. In 11:2, Paul compares the Corinthian church to what kind of girl?

3. What was Paul’s fear in 11:3?
4. According to 11:5, Paul felt the other apostles were much better
      than he was.  True or False?
5. What statement did Paul make about himself in 11:6?

6. Explain what Paul meant by saying he “robbed other churches?” 11:8

7. What area was Paul going into to “brag about Jesus?”  11:10

8. What kind of “apostles” and “workers” were pretending
      to be disciples of Jesus?  11:13

9. According to 11:14, what can Satan transform himself into?

10. According to 11:14-15, Satan’s “ministers” were attempting to disguise
      themselves as what?
11. In 11:3, what is Satan called? (Also read Rev. 12:9).
12. List the five types of personal attacks the Corinthian Christians
      were ready to endure. 11:20
13. List the perils or dangers that Paul endured during his
      missionary journeys, according to 11:26.

14. From 11:27, list the sufferings Paul had to endure.
15. In addition to these hardships, what was Paul’s daily burden? 11:28

16.  What did Paul mean by stating he would “glory in his infirmities”?

17. Does the account in Acts 9:25 agree with Paul’s statement
          in II Corinthians 11:33? If so, what happened that night?

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.