II Corinthians 10:  Paul’s Vindication of his Apostleship

1. Name the two attributes of Jesus that Paul mentions in 10:11.

2. Explain 10:2-3. What’s Paul mean by “warring after the flesh?”

3. Explain what Paul states in 10:4 concerning “the weapons of
        our warfare are not carnal.”

4. According to 10:5, what must a Christian bring into captivity?

5. Read I Samuel 16:7 and II Corinthians 10:7.
      What does God say regarding David’s heart?

6. Paul states in 10:8 that the purpose of his authority was to destroy, not to edify.
      True or False.
7. What did Paul’s critics say concerning his physical appearance
      and his speech? 10:10

8. According to 10:12, when we compare ourselves to
      one another, we are not what?

9. What should you never measure yourself by? 10:12

10. According to 10:15, what did Paul want increased?
11. Where did Paul wish to preach? 10:16

12. According to 10:17, what are we to glory in?

13. According to Proverbs 27:1, what are we not to brag about and why?

14. What does Psalm 44:8 state concerning boasting?


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