II Corinthians 1:  Paul’s Thanksgiving to God

1. What co-worker does Paul include in his greetings to the Corinthians?  1:1

2. As an Apostle, who was Paul’s “immediate supervisor?”  1:1

3. The city of Corinth was located in what Greek province?  1:1

4. What do the verses I Corinthians 1:3 & II Corinthians 1:2 have in common?

5. What does God do for us in our times of tribulation? 1:4

6. According to verse 6, what is the end result of suffering?

7. In 1:8, what does Paul not want them to be ignorant of?

8. How did Paul’s trials affect him? 1:8

9. From what had God delivered both Paul and Timothy in 1:10?

10.  According to verse 12, what type of wisdom won’t profit God’s people?

11. In 1:14, Paul said the Corinthians would rejoice in what day?

12. Name the two regions Paul planned to visit. 1:16

13. What two men does Paul name as co-workers with him in Corinth? 1:19

14. From verses 21-22, list the four great spiritual blessings which God has given us.


Maxim of the Moment

Rare is the one you can long hold dear.