I Corinthians 9:  Instructions Regarding the Ministry

1.  What does Paul claim to be in 9:1?

2.  In this same verse, who does Paul claim to have seen? 

3.  Where and when did Paul actually see Him? Acts 9:5-6

4.  To prove that ministers must be supported, what two illustrations
      from nature does Paul give in 9:7? 

5.  Which of these two illustrations is used in Matthew 12?

6. What does Peter tell us to do in I Peter 5:2? 

7. Who was Cephas?  9:5   By what other name is he known?

8. What other disciples, mentioned in this chapter, is also mentioned in
      Acts 15:35-39?   

9.  What Old Testament verse does Paul quote in 9:9?

10. To illustrate that Gospel ministers should be supported financially, what does
    Paul say should not be muzzled?  9:9

11. In 9:11, Paul states it is right to support ministers for the
        minister “sows” what to the people? 

12. According to 9:12, what did Paul want protected at all costs?

13. In 9:16, Paul states, “I should be able to brag. I’m a preacher.”  True or False.

14. According to 9:14, should a person in the ministry be paid for it?

15.  In 9:16, Paul says “Woe is me if I don’t” what? 

16.  In 9:18, what does Paul say he will never abuse?

17. In 9:22, why did Paul state he would become all things to all men?

18.  What athletic illustration does Paul use in 9:24?

19.  According to Hebrews 12:1, how are we to run? 

20.  According to Galatians 5:7, how did the Galatians run?

21.  According to Galatians 2:2, what did Paul not want to do “in vain?”

22.  From 9:25, explain what Paul means when he states that “every person
          that strives for the mastery is temperate in all things.”

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